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How Long Does It Really Take to See Results from SEO?

 From the mind of  To those who are not familiar with SEO, it frequently seems unpredictable, questionable, and complicated in value. Its history of black hat and steep learning curve resulted in too many business owners writing strategies off entirely.

SEO for Makeup Artists

Over the years, the beauty industry has grown to become very competitive. Still, even with rapid changes with innovative marketing trends, one of the biggest challenges makeup artists face is being able to drive constant traffic to their site and

How To Create The Ultimate Makeup Artist Website

If you are a makeup artist and you want to get more exposure to help build your business, you will want to build a website. Having a well designed website is one of the best ways to bring new clients

SEO Marketing For Make Up Artists

We will soon be restructuring this website to meet all your SEO and digital marketing needs in the make up industry.  If you think that this industry has now become very competitive, you are certainly on the right track. The